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Wahidon signifies growth from the relationships we as humans experience between the carnal world and the spiritual word. The two realms are often seen as worlds apart but with Wahidon those worlds collide. The brand embodies the duality of being physically present but also maintaining a sense of spirituality.

Palestine-born Designer Ranin Karim came to New York City a decade ago with a vision. Determined to bring that vision to life she continued to hone her craft studying jewelry design and fashion design.


Now ready to tell her story Ranin Karim unveils Wahidon. A collective series of projects inspired by the juxtaposition of the spirtual and carnal realms, the collection pays homage to her favorite elements of both of realms; from nature to religion and everything in-between.


Determined to fulfill that vision she had over 10 years ago of birthing a meaningful collection; Ranin also delivers a collection that breaks the rules of fashion by mixing old and new.